Tell your story. Grow your business.

We create handcrafted motion graphics that will help you achieve new customers.
Our motion design videos attract users’ attention and can increase 78% more conversions.

We’ll take care

Here at Empire Production, our motion design process is collaborative.
We keep you informed every step of the way and working together to bring your story to life.


We’ll work together with copywriters and you to develop a script and concept that will tell your story and pair well with motion design.

Storyboards and Concepts

Storyboards & Concepts are important for making sure that important details are covered and that you know exactly what to expect before we begin the animation process.

Design & Animation

We create handcrafted characters, backgrounds and all elements to explain what will happen in each scene, so you have a concrete idea of what to expect when you see the final piece. Then, we start to animate it.

Sound Design

After visuals are done, we find the right sound effects, music, and voice over to enhance the feeling of movement.

Price and Time

Usually, the turnaround time for motion graphics video is typically 3-8 weeks.
Our motion graphic designs range in price depending on the many details of the project. Up to 60 seconds of motion design video with minimal scripting typically starts at $3,500. Projects with a longer narrative can run in the tens of thousands. Our production team has the resources to support your compelling story and make you a commercial-quality video. We’re happy to offer package pricing for companies that want to create campaigns with multiple motion graphic videos. Will look forward to hear from you.