What We Do

Video Production & Commercial Ads

Once you come up with a defined vision for the film, commercials ads it falls to you, as the Video Production team, to generate and maintain that vision with characters, backgrounds, commercials ads, environments, colors, lighting, and even props. Many clients come to us to help them visualise a storyboard, script or a new product. We’re really honor to be one of the most creative video production company in San Francisco.

3D/2D Production

Empire Production one of the most experienced and creative team of Animation Specialists, Visual Effects studio in the industry servicing clients. We can visually communicate any thought or idea you have.

Our job is to take 3d models from the modeling department and turn them into fully moving and articulated”digital puppets” to be posed out by our team of character animators


Our Design department is a super-talented team of designers and artists creating beautiful images for all projects. They are highly adaptable and can work across all stages of a project from script conception and storyboarding to production, motion graphics and visual effects.

We will research your goals and business development options, to create an effective, relevant plan to provide direction to your business.

Architectural Visualization

Architectural 3D visualization allows to create realistic images of development projects before construction even start.

About Us

We are passionate about design and always deliver outstanding results. We see design as a business investment and, as such, we understand our responsibility to generate value by driving tangible and measurable results.


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